We’re kind of campground experts

Camp Rockaway is your ideal partner in outdoor hospitality, and we are looking for our next opportunity. If you are a campground owner interested in selling or bringing on a partner to develop and operate your business we would love to talk. If you operate as a concessionaire in a state or national park and would like to incorporate camping and glamping into your offerings please drop us a line.

We design, build, operate, manage and market our campgrounds with a focus on growth and profitability.

Are you interested in selling your existing property or partnering with us? Submit a lead

Are you an owner, developer or concessionaire looking to fill an existing property, expand your hospitality options or build from the ground up? Submit a lead

Benefit to property owners / lease holders:
• Renovations that Respect and Elevate Your Asset

Camp Rockaway brings seasoned professionals from the architecture, engineering and construction industries who will carefully assess and leverage the strengths and opportunities of your property.

• Access to a New Market Segment

Camp Rockaway has distinguished itself from other “glamping” operators by focusing less on non-essential luxury and more on providing family friendly, authentic, sustainable camping experience for a diverse range of guests and budgets.